ARMS: Per pale and per fesse indented Argent and Gules two Lions passant in pale counterchanged.
CREST: On a Wreath Or and Azure out of the Battlements of a Tower Gules a demi Dragon Or gorged with a Riband Gules pendent therefrom a Lozenge Ermine charged with a Saltire couped per pale Argent and Sable, and support­ing a Staff proper flying therefrom a triangular Pennon tierced in pale Vert Argent and Sable; Mantled Azure doubled Or.

Motto 'NEC TEMERE NEC TIMIDE' - Neither rashly nor timidly.
Granted 1st August 1957, to the Oswestry Rural District Council.

The Borough of Oswestry was coterminious with the Oswestry Rural District. The area was abolished on 31st March 2009, and became part of the Shropshire County Unitary Authority.

oswestry bc arms
curfew tower
Arms of the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Ortho­paedic Hospital

The white and red quarters with indented centreline were the arms of the Fitzwarins, Lords of Whittington for over 400 years, and the two lions in reversed colours are from the arms of the L'Estrange family, Barons of Knockin. The shield, thus represents heraldically these two ancient lordships, which formerly covered a large part of the district.
The blue and gold colours of the wreath and mantling are the County liveries. The red battlements allude to the castles of the district (Whittington, Kinnerley, Knockin and Selattyn) and the golden dragon suggests the district's proximity to Wales and its partly Welsh population. The dragon is also the principal emblem in the shield of the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Ortho­paedic Hospital at Gobowen, and from the neck of the dragon (which comes from the arms of Sir Robert Jones) hangs a lozenge of ermine with a black and white saltire, derived from the arms of Dame Agnes Hunt which also figure in the Hospital shield. The dragon bears a pennon of green, white and black for agriculture, limestone quarrying and coalmining.
The motto is that of the Bridgeman Earls of Bradford (of Knockin and Llanyblodwel) indicating a policy of progress with prudence.


ARMS: Azure three Lions' Faces and in chief throughout a representation of the Bridge over the River Severn at Atcham Or.
BADGE: In front of two Crosiers in saltire Or a Keystone Azure charged with a Lion's Face Or.

Motto 'FLOREAT SALOPIA' - May Shrewsbury prosper.
Granted 27th November 1975.

The Borough of Shrewsbury and Atcham was formed by the amalgamation of the Borough of Shrewsbury and the Atcham Rural District. The area was abolished on 31st March 2009, and became part of the Shropshire County Unitary Authority.

shrewsbury and atcham bc arms
arms of the former borough of shrewsbury
Arms of the former Borough of Shrewsbury
shrewsbury and atcham badge

The three gold lions' faces on blue, are from the arms of the former Borough of Shrewsbury, which were first recorded 1623. They are thought to be derived from the Royal Lions in a 13th Century seal, and the colours are those of Roger de Montgomery, Earl of Shrewsbury. To these is added a reprsentation of Atcham Bridge, the emblem of the former Atcham RDC.
The badge shows one of the lion's faces on the keystone of the bridge, with crosiers recalling the Abbeys of Shrewsbury, Haughmond and Buildwas.
The motto is that long used by the former Borough Council.

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