ARMS: Per chevron barry way of six Argent and Azure and Gules in chief two Arrows erect proper flighted of the third and in base an Oak Tree fructed and eradicated Or.
CREST: On a Wreath Or and Gules issuant from a Circlet composed of eight Fleurs-de-Lis Or an Eagle rising Gules.

Motto 'ALTA SENTENTIA' - With high purpose.
Granted 26th February 1948.

arnold udc arms

The white and blue wavy bars refer to Daybrook, the red background for Redhill and the oak for Woodthorpe all places within the District. The arrows allude to the ajoining Forest of Sherwood.
The crest refers to the derivation of the name of Arnold - Ernehale in the Domesday Book, which is taken to mean "the valley of eagles".


ARMS: Argent three barrulets wavy Azure in chief a Tudor Rose btween two Posies each of two Purple Crocuses and Bent Grass and in base three Bees two and one each Bee volant in bend all proper.
CREST: On a Wreath of the Colours a demi winged Bull affrontée Argent armed Or resting the hooves Gules on a Serpent proper.


Granted 20th August 1959.

beeston and stapleford udc arms

The Tudor rose in the upper part of the arms is a traditional English symbol, and also a symbol for the rose-growing fame of the district. The rose is flanked by two crocuses and long grasses. These are canting, the name is derived from "Beos-Tun" or the place where the bent grass grew. The crocuses are the Nottingham Meadow Crocus, a typical flower for the area. The wavy bars symbolises the river flowing through the district. The three bees in the base of the shield are canting, and also symbolise the industrial character of the district. The bee is a symbol for energy and activity.
The crest shows the winged bull, the symbol of St. Luke. The bull and snake can already be seen on the old cross at Stapleton and in the Stapleton parish church.


ARMS: Or two Choughs wings ele­vated and addorsed respecting one another their interior legs elevated and the claws conjoined proper.
CREST: On a Wreath Or and Sable a Lion passant queue fourchée Gules resting the dexter paw on an Escutcheon Or charged with a representation of a Deed proper the seal pendent also Gules.
SUPPORTERS: On either side a Unicorn Ermine armed maned tufted and unguled Or gorged with a Collar Sable charged with three Escallops Gold.

Motto 'VETUSTAS DIGNITATEM GENERAT' - Age begets dignity.

Granted 4th November 1940.

east retford bc arms

The two choughs facing each other are from an old seal of the Borough.
The crest is based upon a design on a mace presented to the Corporation in 1679 by Sir Edward Nevile, with a few changes. A small shield replaces the original rose upon which the lion rested its paw and its tail now forked for distinction. The deed stands for the Borough's ancient charters, which date from the thirteenth century onwards.
The unicorns are from the heraldry of Lord Galway, whose ancestors were High Stewards of the Borough, and the shells are from the arms of the Rt. Hon. F. J. Savile Foljambe, appointed High Steward in 1880.


ARMS: Paly wavy of four Vert and Argent a Stag trippant Gules on a Chief Sable a Sun issuant Or.
CREST: Out of a Circlet composed of four Ears of Wheat and as many Acorns leaved set alternately on a Rim Or a demi Greyhound Argent gorged with a Collar Gules pendent therefrom an Escutcheon Ermine charged with two Piles in pile Sable and holding between the paws an Escallop also Argent.


Granted 9th June 1961.

east retford rdc arms

No further information available..


ARMS: Quarterly Sable and Azure a Cross flory Or between in the first and fourth quarters a Stag's Head caboshed Argent attired of the third and in the second and third a Cotton Hank of the fourth.
CREST: On a Wreath of the Colours in front of an Oak Tree proper two Cross crosslets fitche saltirewise Argent and between as many Mullets Or.

Motto 'SICUT QUERCUS VIRESCIT INDUSTRIA' - Industry flourishes like the oak.

Granted 9th February 1892.

mansfield bc arms

The cross is from the arms attributed to Edward the Confessor, in whose reign Mansfield was a royal manor. The stags' heads are from the arms of the Cavendish-Bentinck family and the cotton hanks represent industry.
The oak stands for the Forest of Sherwood, the crosslets are those of the Howards, and the stars from those of the Murrays, Earls Mansfield.


ARMS: Argent on a Cross Azure between in the first quarter a Lion rampant per fesse Sable and Gules in the second quarter a Martlet of the last in the third quarter a Miner's Shovel and Pick in saltire proper and in the fourth quarter an Oak Tree eradicated also proper five Ducal Coronets Or.
CREST: On a Mural Crown Or two Squirrels sejant addorsed proper.
SUPPORTERS: On the dexter side a Knight in armour proper supporting with the exterior hand a Shield Azure thereon a Cross flory Or and on the sinister side a Man habited as a Forester supporting with the exterior hand a Longbow proper.

Motto 'SANS DIEU RIEN' - Nothing without God.

Granted 10th June 1932.

worksop bc arms

The ducal coronets represent the five principal landowners in the 'Dukeries'. The lion rampant is from the arms of Worksop Priory, founded by a member of the Lovetoft family whose arms embodied a similar lion but with the tinctures reversed. The martlet is from the arms of the old Worksop family of Furnival, some members of which took part in the Crusades. The pick and shovel refers to the coal-mining industry and the tree depicts the Shire Oak, which was at one time situated at the junction of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, and Yorkshire, having a bough in each of these counties.
The mural crown is a symbol of municipal government and the squirrels are from the arms of the first Mayor of Worksop, Mr C. A. Longbottom.
The knight is a further reference to the Furnival family, and is depicted in the armour of the crusading period. The cross on the knight's shield is that of St Cuthbert, to whom the Priory and Worksop College are dedicated. The forester denotes Sherwood, part of which lies within the Borough.


ARMS: Per saltire Vert and Sable on a Saltire Argent between two Garbs palewise Or and two Stags' Heads caboshed fessewise also Argent two Tilting Spears in saltire Gules their points uppermost.
CREST: On a Wreath Argent and Sable in front of two Sprigs of Oak entwined leaved and fructed proper a Lozenge Sable over all a Stag's Head caboshed Argent attired and langued Gules.

Granted 31 July 1952.

worksop rdc arms

The green areas and wheatsheaves allude to agriculture and the black areas to coal-mining. The stags' heads are from the arms of the Duke of Portland, a local landowner, and the tilting lances refer to a former tournament field licensed by Richard I for public tourneys.
The oak sprigs and stag's head represent Sherwood Forest, and the 'black diamond' stands for coal.

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