ARMS: Barry Argent and Azure on a Fess embattled Vert a Cornucopia between two Garbs Or.
CREST: Issuant from a Mural Crown Or a demi Lion rampant Gules gorged with a Collar flory counterflory and supporting a Staff Or flying therefrom a Banner Vert charged with two Keys in saltire Or; Mantled Azure doubled Argent.
SUPPORTERS: On the dexter side a Pikeman of the New Model Army supporting with the exterior hand a Pike and on the sinister side a Mited Abbot in processional vestments for St. Peter's Day supporting with the exterior hand a Crosier and Sudarium all proper.
BADGE: Two Keys in saltire surmounted by a Buglehorn Or the strings Azure interlaced with the Keys.

Motto 'COR UNUM' - One Heart.
Granted 3rd April 1965.

On 1st April 1965 the two former Counties of Huntingdon and the Soke of Peterborough were amalgamated to form a larger administrative unit, known as the County of Huntingdon and Peterborough. It was abolished in 1974 and the area became part of Cambridgeshire.

Picture and information courtesy of Laurence Jones.

huntingdon and peterborough cc arms
huntingdon and peterborough badge

The ten bands of alternating silver and blue are taken from the former Soke of Peterborough CC arms, and the Cecil family arms. Only some of the bands are visible as the centre of the shield is occupied by the 'fess', like that in the arms of Huntingdonshire CC, which partly hides some of them. The battlements refer to Huntingdon Castle which once guarded the strategic crossing of the River Ouse. The golden cornucopia and wheatsheaves represent the agricultural character of the County and the wealth that proceeds from it, while the green background is the fields from which the wealth is extracted.
The red lion reminds us of Scotland and that Huntingdonshire was once a fief of the Scottish Crown. An elaborate collar is round the neck and it holds a small banner charged with golden crossed keys, the emblem of Saint Peter to whom Peterborough Cathedral is dedicated and the Soke belonged.
The pikeman represents the former County of Huntingdon and its Cromwellian tradition, and the abbot for the Soke.


ARMS: Per fess dovetailed Or and Vert in chief two Hunting Horns Sable stringed Gules and in base a Fleur-de-Lys Argent.
CREST: Out of an Ancient Crown Or upon a Mount Vert in front of a Port between two Towers proper Pennons flying Gules a Stag's Head and Neck couped proper; Mantled Vert doubled Or.
SUPPORTERS: On the dexter side a Man habited as a Medieval Huntsman proper his Bow and Quiver Or the Arrows Gules flighted Or and on the sinister side a Man habited as a Medieval Oxherd the Goad in his external hand proper tipped Or both standing upon a representation of the Old Bridge at Huntingdon also proper.

Granted 5th June 1963.

huntingdon and godmanchester bc arms
godmanchester seal
Godmanchester Borough Seal

The dovetailed dividing line between the upper and lower portions of the field indicates the union of the two fomerly seperate towns. The two hunting horns represent Huntingdon and the golden background is indicative of its commercial character. The lower portion displays the fleur-de-lys of Godmanchester on a green background, the latter marking its agricultural origin.
The castle above the helmet represents Huntingdon Castle which once protected both towns and the golden crown indicates the royal status of the former boroughs. The stag's head looking out from the castle gateway is an emblem used for main years by the Grammar School and other local organisations.
The huntsman with bow, quiver containing arrows, and hunting horn, is for Huntingdon, and is adapted from the 17th century seals. The oxherd with his goad, represents Godmanchester. They both stand, appropriately, at either end of Huntingdon bridge.

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