Addorsed ~ Back to back
Annulet ~ A ring
Argent ~ Silver, often shown as white
Armed ~ Refers to a beast's claws, tusks, teeth or horns
Azure ~ Blue

Bar ~ A horizontal band, narrower than a fess but broader than a burrulet
Barbed and seeded ~ Refers to the sepals between the petals, and the seed vessel of the heraldic rose
Barrulet ~ A narrow horizonral band
Barry ~ Divided into an even number of horizontal bands
Bars gemells ~ Barrulets placed together in pairs
Bend ~ A Broad diagonal band across the shield from dexter to sinister
Bezant ~ A gold coin like roundel
Bezanty ~ Strewn with bezants
Bordure ~ A border

Canton ~ A square figure positioned as the first quater of the shield, but smaller
Checky ~ Divided in to square of alternate tintures, like a chess~board
Chequy ~ Same as Checky
Chevron ~ A broad rafer~shaped figure
Chief ~ A broad horizonal band occupying the upper part of the shield
Cinquefoil ~ A conventional flower like form of five petals
Conjoined ~ Joined together
Couped ~ Cut off (cleanly)
Courant ~ Running

Dexter ~ Right (as viewed by the bearer)

Enfiling ~ Within, encircled by
Ensigned ~ Placed above
Erased ~ Torn off with a ragged edge
Ermine ~ An heraldic fur, white with black "tails"
Escallop ~ A scallop or cockle shell Escutcheon ~ A small shield Estoile ~ A star of wavy rays, usually six

Fess ~ A broad horizontal band occupying the centre of the shield
Field ~ The surface of the shield
Fretty ~ Narrow diagonal bands crossing and interlacing
Fructed ~ bearing fruit

Gamb ~ A beast's foreleg
Gorged ~ A beast's neck encircled with some object
Guardant ~ Looking outwards, with the head fullfaced
Gules ~ Red

Habited ~ Dressed, clothed
Hurt ~ A blue roundel

In bend ~ Disposed along the line of a bend
In chief ~ In the upper part of the shield
In fess ~ Disposed along the line of a fess
In orle ~ A number of charges disposed in the form of a border
In pale ~ A disposed along the line of a pale
Increscent ~ A crescent with horns to the dexter
Indented ~ A partition line composed of serrations
Inescutcheon ~ A small shield

Labelled ~ Refers to the ribbons of a bishop's mitre
Langued ~ Refers to a beast's tongue
Lozenge ~ A diamond~shaped figure

Martlet ~ The heraldic swallow
Masoned ~ Refers to the mortar joints in masonry or brickwork
Mullet ~ A five~pointed star, or a spur rowel
Mural ~ Walled

Of the field ~ Of the same tincture as the field
Of the first ~ Of the first tincture mentioned in the blazon
Of the last ~ Of the last tincture mentioned in the blazon
Or ~ Gold, often shown as yellow
Ounce ~ Name applied to members of the cat family ~ mountain pather, snow leopard or cheetah

Pale ~ A broad vertical band occupying the centre of the shield
Pall ~ A figure resembling the letter Y
Passant ~ walking, right foreleg raised
Pellet ~ A black roundel
Per fess ~ Divided fesswise
Per pale ~ Divided palewise
Pile ~ A wedge~shaped figure
Plate ~ A silver/white roundel
Proper ~ In natural colour
Purpure ~ Purple

Quarterly ~ divided into four quarters
Queue fourchée ~ With a forked tail

Sable ~ Black
Sejant ~ Sitting (on haunches)
Sinister ~ Left (as viewed by the bearer)

Vert ~ Green

Wyvern ~ A dragon with only front legs

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