ARMS: Azure two Chevrons a Chief Or thereon two Crosiers in saltire Azure between two Cressets Sable fired proper.
CREST: Out of a Mural Crown Sable charged with three Trefoils slipped Argent a Mount Vert thereon between two Lozenges issuant Sable an Oak Tree proper fructed of five Acorns Or; Mantled Azure doubled Or.

Motto 'EX TERRA VIRES' - Strength from the earth.
Granted 10th January 1963.

Incorporated into the Borough of Amber Valley in 1974.

alfreton udc arms

The two gold chevrons on blue are from the arms of the FitzRanulphs. The first charter for a market here was granted to William de Chaworth and Robert de Latham, heirs of Thomas FitzRanulph, during the reign of Henry III. The crosiers refer to Beauchief Abbey founded by Robert FitzRanulph, Lord of Alfreton, about 1175 and bestowed on the house the churches of Norton and Alfreton. The two black diamonds and flaming cressets or fire-baskets indicate the coal and iron mining industries so important in the development of the area. The gold acorns allude to the Oakes family prominent in Alfreton's industrial history.


ARMS: Per pale Vert and Sable a Pale wavy Argent surmounted of another wavy Azure on a Chief dancettée Or a Tudor Rose barbed and seeded between two Oak Trees couped proper fructed Gold.
CREST: On a Wreath of the Colours issuant from the Battlements of a Tower Gules a Mount Vert thereon a Popinjay Or gorged with a Collar Gules pendant therefrom a Horseshoe Sable resting the dexter claw on an Ancient Lamp Gold enflamped proper.

Motto 'BEAU REPEYR' - Beautiful retreat.
Granted 31st August 1953.

Incorporated into the Borough of Amber Valley in 1974.

belper rdc arms

The green and black sections represent the District's agricultural and industrial aspects and the wavy pale the River Derwent and other rivers in the district. The oak trees recalls Duffield 'Frith' Forest and the Tudor rose is from the arms of the County.
The tower battlements refer to Codnor and other local castles and strongholds. The popinjay or parrot wearing its red collar is from the arms of the of the Curzons of Kedleston and the black horseshoe is one of the six from the arms of the de Ferrers family, founders of Darley Abbey which bore the Ferrers arms and owned much of the area.
The motto refers to Belper's name, which is thought to be a corruption of Beaurepaire – meaning beautiful retreat – the name given to a hunting lodge, the first record of which being in a charter of 1231.


ARMS: Argent a Pickaxe surmounted by a Spade the hafts upwards in saltire proper within an Orle of Pellets on a Chief Sable three Stag's Heads caboshed of the Field.
CREST: On a Wreath of the Colours a sinister Arm embowed holding a Davy Safety Lamp proper.

Granted 22nd September 1942.

Incorporated into the District of Bolsover in 1974.

Note: Colours in the picture are not accurate.

blackwell rdc arms

The spade, pickaxe, pellets or black roundels and the lamp are all emblems of coal-mining. The stag's heads, like those in the arms of the County Council, are derived from the arms of the Duke of Devoshire, Lord of the Manor of Hardwick.


ARMS: Vert the Rod of Aesculapius Or within an Orle of eight Fountains.
CREST: On a Wreath of the Colours upon a Rock a Buck at gaze proper.

Motto 'BENEDICITE FONTES DOMINE' - O all ye springs, bless ye the Lord.
Granted 31st January 1917.

Incorporated into the Borough of High Peak in 1974.

buxton bc arms

The heraldic fountains represent Buxton's eight thermal springs, and the rod of Aesculapius, the demigod of medicine and healing in ancient Greek mythology, indicates their healing properties.
The buck refers both to the name of the town and the Dukes of Devonshire, to whom the town owes much of its development.


ARMS: Vert a Stag's Head caboshed between the attires a Cross formy Or a Chief dancettée of the last over all in chief a Lion passant guardant Gules.
CREST: Out of a Circlet Vert charged with four Gouttes d'Eau the Battlements of a Tower issuant therefrom a demi-Lion Argent collared vairy Or and Gules and holding in the paws an Escutcheon per pale Argent and Azure charged with a Rose Gules barbed and seeded proper.

Motto 'CAVE ET SPERA' - Beware and hope.
Granted 8th April 1954.

Incorporated into the Borough of High Peak in 1974.

chapel-en-le-frith rdc arms

The green background and the gold stag's head represent the ancient Royal Forest of the Peak, and the gold cross represents the Chapel, built in the Forest in 1225 by the Verderers. The indented line suggests the hills, and the lion, a variant of the Royal Lion of England, striding across the hills, suggests the first National Park in the ancient royal forest country.
The green circlet bearing four drops of water represents the four great local reservoirs. The white tower and lion are for the Peverils of Castleton, the lion's collar bears the red and gold of the Ferrers Earls of Derby, and the red rose on a shield of the Lancastrian liveries of white and blue recalls the Duchy of Lancaster. Thus the manorial and feudal vicissitudes of the whole district are recalled in the crest.
The motto suggests the virtues of prudence and ambition combined, and also give an heraldic play on the cave country and Hope dale districts.


ARMS: Argent a Rose Gules barbed and seeded proper between three Cross crosslets fitchée and in chief a Mural Crown of the second.

Motto 'VIRTUS VERITAS LIBERTAS' - Virtue, truth and freedom.
Granted 7th July 1919.

Incorporated into the Borough of High Peak in 1974.

glossop bc arms

The red rose refers to the Duchy of Lancaster, within which Glossop lies, although geographically in Derbyshire. The mural crown is a symbol of civic government and the cross crosslets are from the arms of the Howard family, Dukes of Norfolk, who held the town and have been closely associated with it ever since.


ARMS: Argent on a Saltire Sable between two Cotton Hanks in pale and as many sinister Gloves in fesse proper the astronomical Sign of Mars Or on a Chief Azure a representation of a Piece of Maltese Lace fessewise Argent.
CREST: On a Wreath of the Colours a Bear's Head couped proper charged on the neck with the astronomical Sign of Mars Sable suspended from the mouth a Safety-Lamp proper.

Motto 'LABOR OMNIA VINCIT' - Labour overcomes all things.
Granted 24th August 1887.

Incorporated into the Borough of Erewash in 1974.

Picture thanks to Robert Turton.

ilkeston bc arms

The emblems all refer to local industries, the symbol of Mars standing for iron.


ARMS: Barry wavy of six Azure and Argent on a Chevron Or two Bars gemell Sable in base a Tudor Rose barbed and seeded proper a Chief Gold thereon a representation of a Piece of Lace fessewise also Sable.
CREST: On a Wreath of the Colours issuant from the Battlements of a Tower Azure charged with three Fire Bombs in fesse proper a demi Lion Or holding a Torch Sable enfiled by a Celestial Crown Gold and enflamed also proper.

Granted 8th April 1954.

Incorporated into the Borough of Erewash in 1974.

Picture and information thanks to Robert Turton.

long eaton udc arms

The wavy blue bands represent the three rivers Trent, Erewash and Derwent and the chevron indicates housing and denotes the residential aspect of the district. The two smaller black bars indicate railway lines, for the railways in the district. The Tudor Rose indicates the association with the County of Derbyshire and the lace indicates that the town was founded on the lace industry.
The tower, fire bombs and lion denote the association with the Earl of Harrington. The torch represents schools, learning and industry and the celestial crown the Churches of All Saints, St. Laurence and St. John.


ARMS: Vert on a Chevron Or between in chief two Garbs of the last and in base a Fountain four Annulets Sable.
CREST: On a Wreath of the Colours issuant from a Circlet of eight Bezants a Tower Azure.

Motto 'QUANTI EST SAPERE' - How great it is to be wise.
Granted 17th March 1952, to the Shardlow RDC (renamed to South East Derbyshire RDC in 1959).

Incorporated into the District of South Derbyshire in 1974.

south east derbyshire rdc arms

The wheatsheaves represent agriculture and the chevron, suggesting a roof, are for housing. The four annulets refer to the iron pipe industry and the heraldic fountain, alludes to water supply and public services.
The blue tower is from the crest of the Earl of Harrington, formerly of Elvaston Castle, and the golden roundels represent the wealth produced by local industries.


ARMS: Quarterly Ermine and Gules a Cross quarterly counterchanged between in the first and fourth quarters a Tudor Rose barbed and seeded proper and in the second and third quarters a Fleur-de-Lys Argent the whole within a Bordure vairy of the first and second.
CREST: On a Wreath Argent and Gules upon a Mount Sable inflamed a Cubit Arm holding in the hand proper a Billet fessewise Or.

Motto 'E TERRA DIVITIÆ' - From the earch, riches.
Granted 14th May 1947.

Incorporated into the District of South Derbyshire in 1974.

swadlincote udc arms

The arms reflect the union of three civil parishes to create the district in 1871 - Church Gresley, Sutton and Newhall and Swadlincote. The red and ermine vairy border is from the arms of the Gresley family, who took their name from the parish of Church Gresley. The red cross and the fleurs-de-lys refer to the dedication of the parish church to St. George and St. Mary. The quartered ermine and red field of the shield was taken from the arms of the Stanhope family, Earls of Harrington and the Tudor roses were taken from the arms of Derbyshire County Council.
The arm and hand holding the gold billet or yellow brick recalls the local brick making industry. The black mound and flames indicate the mining of fireclay and coal.
The motto refers to the mineral industries of Swadlincote.

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