ARMS: Per fesse vert and barry wavy of six Argent and Azure in chief three Parnassus Flowers proper.
CREST: Issuant from a Mural Crown Or a Wreath on the dexter side of Oak fructed and on the sinister side of Ash in front thereof a Pick and a Shepherd's Crook in saltire and perched upon the crown a Curlew all proper.
SUPPORTERS: On the dexter side a representation of the Dacre Bull at Naworth Gules armed unguled and collared with a Chain reflexed over the back Or and on the sinister side a Roebuck also Gules armed and unguled Or, the whole upon a Compartment in the form of a masoned embattled Wall Or.

Motto 'PERFERO' - I carry through.
Granted 19th September 1951.

cumberland cc arms

The arms represent the natural features of the County, the flowers referring to the grass of parnassus which grows on the marshy uplands, while the base of the shield stands for the rivers, lakes, and seaboard.
The pick and crook allude to the local activities of mining and sheep-rearing. The curlew is a bird common in the uplands of the County, and the mural crown is commonly found in the arms of municipal authorities
The bull of the ancient Cumberland family of Dacre is an historic emblem associated particularly with the old Border warfare, and the roebuck is traditional to the County. The supporters are shown standing on a masoned base representing Hadrian's Wall.


ARMS: Gules on a Bend wavy between three Escallop shells and as many Cross-crosslets fitchy Argent a Bendlet wavy Azure.
CREST: Out of a Coronet composed of four Ears of Wheat and as many Acorns leaved set alternately upon a Rim Or a Mount Vert thereon a Stag regardant Gules attired and unguled Or; Mantled Azure doubled Argent.

Motto 'SINE PAVORE SINE FAVORE' - Without fear or favour.
Granted 10th November 1961.

penrith rdc arms

The blue and white wave running diagonally across the shield represents the River Eden which flows in a similar course across the District. The strong-holds and feudal history of the area are represented by emblems from the arms of the two principal families, famous in the annals of the Border country - the three white scallop shells from the Dacre shield and the three white crosslets from the Howard arms, all set on their fields of red.
The wreath is in the blue and gold of the arms of the Musgraves of Edenhall. The red stag royal upon a green mound refers to the Royal Forest of Inglewood, and the crown which surrounds it is that specially designed for Rural District Councils, consisting of wheatears and acorns on a gold circlet.


ARMS: Per chevron Azure and Gules issuant from the point of the chevron Rays of the Sun between two Sheaves of Corn Or and in base a triple towered Castle Gold.
CREST: On a Wreath of the Colours a Saltire Argent fimbriated Azure enfiled by an Ancient Crown Or.

Motto 'FIDE ET FORTITUDINE' - By faith and fortitude.
Granted 28th February 1952.

penrith udc arms

The chevron division of the field suggests clear blue skies and a red sandstone hill, as one of the possible meanings of the name Penrith is "red hill" in the old Cumbric language. The rays of light, which emanate from the top of the hill, represent beacon pike at the top of Beacon Hill. The ancient castle alludes to Penrith Castle, anciently a royal residence, to the fortified character of the town in ancient days and to its many historical associations. The sheaves of corn indicate Penrith's agriculture.
The gold crown refers to the Charter of 1223 and to the many other royal associations of the district. The St. Andrew's cross hitherto used as a device by Penrith is perpetuated and also refers to the dedication of the Parish Church. It can also allude to the fact the the district was once included in the Scottish Kingdom of Strathclyde. St. Andrew's Cross is white on blue and that is why the white cross is edged with blue.


ARMS: Sable between two Piles Or billettée Azure a Garb of the second.
CREST: On a Wreath of the Colours issuant from a Mural Crown Or a Unicorn's Head Argent holding in the mouth an Anchor in bend Sable.
SUPPORTERS On the dexter a representation of Vulcan and on the sinister a representation of Themis both proper.

Motto 'LEVAVI OCULOS MEOS IN MONTES' - I lifted up mine eyes unto the hills.
Granted 15th Novem­ber 1950.

workington bc arms

The black field, the wheatsheaf and the blue billets represent coal, agriculture steel respectively. The piles form the initial letter W and are gold for the prosperity derived from the town's industries.
The mural crown is a symbol of civic government and the unicorn's head is derived from the crest of the Curwen family, to which has been added an anchor denoting Workington's maritime links.
Vulcan is the god of metal workers, and Themis is the classical personification of civic rule.
The motto is from the Vulgate Psalm CXXI, but the motto shown on the Letters Patent is 'FLOREAT OPPIDUM LABORANS'.

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