ARMS: Or two Cornish Choughs respectant proper perched on the exterior lobes of a Fleur-de-Lys Vert on a Chief Sable between two Garbs a Lymphad Gold sail Argent flying Flags and Pennon of St. George.

Motto 'DICTIS FACTA SUPPETANT' - Let deeds correspond with words.
Granted 1st November 1954.

liseard rdc arms

The fleurs-de-lys and choughs are based on the Seal of the Borough of Liskeard, with the birds of the seal replaced by Cornish choughs in reference to Cornwall, one of which appears in the County Council crest. It is likely the fleur-de-lys forms pun on the first syllable of Liskeard. The lymphad and garbs doubtless refer to the district's maritime and agricultural interests. The motto is a quote from Plautus.


ARMS: Azure on a Chevron between in chief two Lymphads in sail and in base a Roundel Or charged with a Cross pommy Gules a Chevron engrailed Sable charged with five Bezants.
CREST: On a Wreath of the Colours out of a Mural Crown Argent a Mount Vert thereon in front of four Ears of Wheat stalked and leaved a Cornish Chough proper supporting in the dexter claw a Torch erect Sable enflamed also proper.

Motto 'ASPICE FINEM' - Look to the goal or Look to the end.
Granted 10th December 1953.

west penwith rdc arms

The chevron gives a stylized representation of the whole Penwith peninsula. The black chevron on gold gives the County and Duchy liveries, and suggests the shape of the Penwith peninsula with to the South St. Michael's Mount, represented by the traditional cross of St. Michael set on a golden roundel. The bezants or golden roundels are from the arms of the Duchy and County of Cornwall. The two lymphads allude to the fishing and boat building industries.
The mural crown is a common symbol of civic government and the green hill and wheat ears refer to agriculture. The Cornish chough is seen in the County crest and is frequently used to represent Cornwall.
The motto can be translated to allude to the situation of Land's End in the district.

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